Brenda is the youngest girl at our centre. She loves to cook and to draw. She eats a lot of mushrooms too! Sometime in April Brenda was sitting with her sisters, Kudakwashe, Fiona, Anna, Christine, Rutendo and Portia chatting about life. One of the sisters reminded Brenda what she said and did in the past. Brenda’s response was priceless. Brenda simply said, ‘the past is the past, now i look to a new future’

It is clear that Brenda is looking to a new future and has a new hope in what life can bring her regardless of what happened and or what she did or said in the past. We, at The Future of Hope believe very firmly in giving our children, women and girls, our communities and all people we interact with, a new hope and a new future. We love Brenda!

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11/05/2016 - 12:00

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