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Our foundation was founded by Chido Govera.

This young Zimbabwean woman grew up as an orphan, and turned into a parent at the age of 7, mothering her brother and caring for her nearly blind grandmother. At the age of 8, she had already experienced the worst possible abuse. She promised herself then that when she was older, she would save and protect other orphans from experiencing what she, and so many others, had suffered. She taught herself how to lead a self-determined life, and this led her to empower others to do the same. 

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Recent updates

Rotary Foundation - Global Grant

The Future of Hope Foundation received in 2016 a Global Grant from the Rotary Foundation

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International Women’s Day

We @TFoHF wish you all a happy international women’s day. Let’s all continue to give women and girls hope and the tools they need to champion a better future for all!

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My Advice to my 12 year old self

Chido Govera speaks out on International Day of The Girl.

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Training circle at The Future of Hope Foundation centre

Today’s training circle at The Future of Hope Foundation centre in Christon Bank.

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Q & A on Australian national television

Chido Govera was the star of the panel discussion on Q&A on Australian national television.

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