On November 1st, 2014 we received the second community groups for a training session at Kufunda. A total of 33 participants trained with us for 14 days. The training kicked off with expression workshops facilitated through our “Giant of Hope”, the CosmoGolem.

We explored different challenges faced by young orphans and the women helping orphans in different communities and the different solutions that could be implemented to address the challenges. The days were full of joy and laughter. We learned a lot, we danced and made plans for the future.

Like communities trained in December 2013, all the five communities trained want to set up mushroom production units at the start of 2015. They are currently working on securing the project locations back in their communities and mobilizing local support.

We are working to compile a detailed report of the training with lots of pictures and we will be sharing that with you soon!


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23/11/2014 - 12:00

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