The Cosmogolem is the “ Giant of Hope”! We had the fortune of connecting with Koen Van Mechelen whose dream is to seed CosmoGolems all over the world, thereby giving children’s rights a face and inviting organizations to communicate with each other.

We have started our preparation for building our giant and we are grateful for the support we have from a school in Keerbergen that will build the head and the hands of the Golems for our ZimGolem!

Rozemarijn Center – Keerbergen, Belgium

The Rozemarijn center in Keerbergen Belgium is a center for people with handicaps. In May 2013, we ran a trial mushroom production at the center. Three weeks later, there was lots of mushrooms and all were very happy. This month, we officially agreed to add mushroom production to the activities offered at the center.

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05/08/2013 - 12:00

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